21. April Berlin

Founders Kitchen: FinTech

Let's challenge FinTech ideas together!

What is Founders Kitchen?

VISA Europe, comdirect and Roland Berger establish a new kind of event that aims on innovative and open-minded thinkers - the Founders Kitchen.

Driven by our passion for digitization, innovative business approaches and our profound experience in the financial services sector we invite innovators and pre-founders to share and discuss pioneering ideas for new fintech products and business models.

We give great minds a platform to pitch and present their ideas related to our challenges in front of experts from comdirect, Visa and Roland Berger as well as an open community of like-minded people.

We are looking for “founders-to-be”, people who have an idea and/or want to found a start-up or are looking for inspiration at our event. We are happy to discuss with you if and how your idea could be realized. On the other hand, we also invite start-ups that have already been founded and are in working or stealth mode with ideas related to our challenges to attend.

You can make use of our expert knowledge to discuss specific challenges regarding your business model.

Our challenges

In order to narrow down the range of topics we decided to ask you to concentrate on two challenges that we want to share with you:

The three best ideas will each get one ticket for the Pirate Summit in September and the overall winner will get an one day workshop with our experts either in Berlin or in Hamburg.

Payment methods and shopper experience

I really like to use technology that helps to simplify my life – whether it’s through my smartphone, fitness tracker or my laptop. But when it comes to paying for goods and services, I still see everyone using stone-age methods like cash and coins, and my wallet is full of analogue tools like loyalty cards and receipts. When traveling around, whether it’s in Europe or further away, I see so many people using contactless cards, wearables or smartphones to pay, but in Germany it seems we missed this train.

So here is what I’m looking for: ideas that help me to shop and pay with greater speed and convenience or seamlessly - ideally with my bank or credit card, so I don't need yet another tool. Best if it works whatever the situation, in an online shop when surfing with my mobile, at the supermarket around the corner, in a restaurant or paying for a cab. And since we’re living in a connected world, this should work at home as much as it does when I’m travelling.

The ideas do not have to be limited to payment – it’s about my whole shopping experience: How about something that helps me getting rid of the myriads of loyalty cards I have in my wallet each with a dead online account for which I always forget my credentials? Or the tons of receipts I carry around? Or to eliminate this endless standing-in-a-queue when I only want to pay for something? There must be a way to bring my wallet into the digital age!

Can you help me?

Smart, innovative investment services

I have no idea what to do with my money. Spending it is probably not the wisest move though it seems much more pleasant than saving it on an old-fashioned banking account. Times for saving money have never been worse. An unfortunate combination of low interest rates and increasing inflation consequently eat up my money instead of multiplying it.

Investment products are a logical alternative but they are too risky and too difficult for me to understand. Most of us, especially here in Germany, are reluctant to invest our money and stick to unprofitable saving accounts. Even new opportunities like robo-advisory platforms despite their efficiency and convenience, address only a part of the problem while at the same time creating new ones.

Therefore, I am looking for new approaches – let’s call them “investing openers” – that make investing my money easy, effortless and more appealing to me. I am looking for smart, innovative and fun digital services that help me invest my money, support me all the time, let me stay in control and make my money work for me

Any ideas?

Submit your idea in advance

If you are willing to accept one of the aforementioned challenges please submit your idea beforehand. So, we are able to get a feeling what kind of ideas we will discuss together on April 21st. We don't need detailed information just a short intro to your idea. Of course you can bring your idea with you and present it at the event without sharing it prior to the event.

Submit your idea


Kim Körber Moderator

Kim Körber is a passionate serial entrepreneur and Chief Strategy Officer at black chili, a “Corporate Startup Consulting” firm. His role is managing the first German Early Stage B2B Company Builder, focusing on quick sales-generating startups.

Wolfgang Hach Roland Berger

Wolfgang Hach is a member of the Financial Services management team in our headquarters in Munich. His industry expertise focuses on private and public sector banks as well as insurance companies.

Christoph Sollich Key Note Speaker

Christoph Sollich aka The Pitch Doctor is a freelance startup consultant specializing in business model generation, marketing and - obviously - pitching. He will hold a key note to give us some inspiration.

Investing challenge

Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski comdirect bank AG

Remi Smolinski is VP Business Development & Innovation Management at comdirect and Research Associate at Aarhus University. Prior, he was Head of Innovation at OTTO Group.

Payment challenge

Michael Hoffmann VISA Europe

Michael Hoffmann is Innovation Partner and Head of Visa Collab Berlin. Before his appointment, Michael was Head of Marketing Central Europe. In this function, he was responsible for communications and marketing in Central Europe.


Everyone gets 90 seconds to present the idea!

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Event organisation

Tobias Rappers


Roland Berger & Spielfeld

Tobias from Spielfeld is our host at Founders Kitchen: FinTech. He works as a Consultant for Roland Berger and Managing Director of Spielfeld GmbH. If you have any general questions regarding the event, ask him.

Mariusz C. Bodek



Mariusz is your contact person if there are any questions regarding the investing challenge. He heads the comdirect Start-up Garage and works as a Senior Manager for Business Development & Innovation Management.

Robert Kusber



Robert works as Innovation Partner at VISA Europe Collab Berlin and will be the person to contact if you have any questions regarding the payment challenge.

Your hosts


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  • April, 21st - 6 p.m.